Guided Tours Dordrecht

Besides city walks and bike tours City Dordrecht Tours offers many other guided tours. With our guided tours you can for example experience the gin or wine spirit of Dordrecht. Our guided tours also include cruises on the water, a great way to experience Dordrecht and its special nature. 

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Maybe the best way to experience Dordrecht: a combined walk and cruise through the historic centre. You will enjoy the picturesque old harbours perfectly via the combination walking and sailing.

In this wine tour you discover the rich history of wine town Dordrecht. A guide will bring you to all the prominent places of the wine trade in the old days. Off course we will also drink a good glass of wine in the beautiful decor of Dordrecht.

In this gin tour we combine a city walking through the historic centre of Dordrecht with a visit to one of the best gin and jenever distilleries in the world.

Not to miss in Dordrecht, a guided tour in the Biesbosch. City Dordrecht Tours is organizing all kind of tours in the Biesbosch, including cruises.

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